The Blue Dolphins are a Los Angeles based songwriting duo composed of singer/songwriter Victoria C. Scott and two time Grammy Award winning producer/engineer Alfonso G. Rodenas.

Their music is characterized by beautiful melodies, tight harmonies and an uplifting positive mood that embraces Folk, Pop and Rootsy Rock with a unique timeless quality.

They write in a commercial style that is natural and unpretentious, and that attracts a wide range of listeners with their universal themes and laid back charm. There is a special appeal to modern adult audiences (AAA).

The band have a first acoustic album followed by their first EP and a third electric one plus a very interesting collection of eclectic independent singles.

Victoria grew up outside of London, England, fascinated by her father's collection of Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Little Richard and Rolling Stones records. After learning to play the recorder, piano and guitar, Scott had also, by the time she was 12, taught herself to sing. Emulating the various styles of Carole King, Nina Simone, N'Dea Davenport and Aretha Franklin. 

Alfonso Rodenas is a two time GRAMMY® award winning music engineer from Spain. His music career expands twenty five years, the last ten as a free lance producer, recording and mixing engineer in Los Angeles, CA. He began his music career as a bassist in, "Vitamin Vil", an Indie Pop Rock band from Valencia, Spain.  

They met fatefully at "The Cat Club" on Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, CA and soon started playing together and talking about forming a band. 

“My Favorite Word is Today”, their first album, is a soulful blend of Indie, Folk/Rock and bossa nova,Simple and unfettered they kept their focus on acoustic instruments, stripped down production and emotionally honest vocals. The album was released independently in November 2011.

Pamela Des Barres, author of "I'm with the Band", noted that "the [album's] sentiments touched my heart" and "[Scott's] voice is just gorgeous". 

The ‘In Between’ EP grouped songs recorded by the band between its two major works to date. It shows the musical couple departing from its original acoustic sound into an unmapped new music landscape, full of emergent future posibilities.

Finally in 2014 they started working on a collection of songs that have become “Come On!” their brand new album. The album is a major push forward for the band toward a more complex and fully produced music scenario, where sonic aesthetics and songwriting are richer and more varied, departing from the simple premises and acoustic songs that characterized their first work.

"Come On!" embraces Folk, Pop Soul and Rootsy Rock with their characteristic optimism and charm. The album is been released this 2015's Fall in the U.S.

The Blue Dolphins play to audiences in the United States, Great Britain and Spain, where they have just finished their Come On! Cd release Tour.

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